Real Estate Recruitment Center
As a Real Estate Professional certain fees must be paid.  The following are some of the fees that will be required.

Prerequisite and Continuous Education Fees

A unlicensed person must take Prerequisite educational courses and a license person must take Continuous educational courses in order to maintain a valid real estate license with the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Majestic Realty of Northern CA is connected with one of the most professional Real Estate Schools in California.  Please click link below for update Prerequisite fees and Continuous Education cost and enrollment  

Prerequisite and Continuous Education Enrollment 

California Bureau of Real Estate Fees

Fees are associated with the California Bureau of Real Estate to take the state required examine and also to apply for your Real Estate license.  Please visit  or call 877.373.4542 for additional information 

Click the BRE Fees link to the right for a 2015 Fee Schedule

Association Fees

To be able to use the brand REALTOR a license agent must be a member of the following associations.  

The National Association of Realtors
The California Association of Realtors
The Sacramento Association of Realtors

Majestic Realty of Northern California is a proud member of the above Associations, therefore it is required that all agents that wish to have their license under our brokerage firm is required to become a member of the Associations.

The three association are paid at the local association, please visit  or contact SAR a 916.922.2234 for additional information. 

 Click Associations Fees to the right for the 2015 fee schedule  

MetroLIst Prospector Service

MLS Service allows license agents to input listing information and to search for property located in the MLS Service area, fee information can be obtained from the Sacramento Association of Realtors. Please call 

***** The above fees are not Majestic Realty of Northern CA company fees, company fees may apply. Fees are subject to change, please take time to research fee information. Feel free to call our office or any of the organizations for more information